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Women who are active in marital finances do better in divorce

Missouri divorce law attempts to treat the genders equally and without favoritism. However, societal practices and long-held cultural values seem to leave an indelible mark that favors men over women. According to several reports, there is a gender-gap in financial matters between men and women during a separation and a divorce.

Divorce and prenup go hand-in-hand for many couples

A nationwide increase in couples seeking prenuptial agreements is reported. However, those planning their weddings in Missouri will likely agree that it remains a difficult subject to broach. The idea of preparing for divorce, even before the marriage, remains the thorny bit of this conversation. Advisers maintain that it is less uncomfortable if the subject is brought up when a couple is still dating. At that stage, it will be an exchange of ideas rather than a situation in which it can be mistaken as one partner demanding a prenuptial agreement.

Fighting for pets in divorce

Family pets to some people are more than just animals; they are members of the family. Their are not pieces of property to just be passed around or tossed aside. Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce, the state of Missouri only considers them as property and does not concern itself with their well-being.

Divorce and the cryptocurrency problem

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered popular investments. Many people across the country, including some here in Missouri, may have some type of virtual currency in their financial portfolios. While this may be a good thing, it can cause a few issues for those going through the divorce process.

Divorce and property division -- not always easy to navigate

Ending a marriage is not always an easy process. It can take time, and it can be rather frustrating. Sometimes, couples may find the process stalled due to disputes. Property division, for example, is one area of divorce that many Missouri couples may find difficult to figure out.

Years after divorce, John Schneider behind on spousal support

Known for his breakout role in the Dukes of Hazard, actor John Schneider has had what many would say is a successful career in Hollywood. It afforded him a good life for himself and his family. When he and his wife finalized their divorce in 2014, he was expected to help her maintain the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed during their marriage. So, like many breadwinning spouses in Missouri and elsewhere, he was ordered to pay spousal support.

Tips to make divorce easier on you

When ending a marriage, who wouldn't want to the process to be as easy as possible? But divorce and easy are words rarely, if ever, seen together. Believe it or not Missouri residents, there are a few things that can be done to make the dissolution of marriage easier through which to get.

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