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Relocating After a Divorce

Relocating to improve your career prospects or your lifestyle can be challenging if you are a divorced parent with joint or sole custody. Missouri custody laws set a high bar for parents who seek to move with their children.

Lawyers Defending Your Interests

Whether you wish to move away or are fighting this request, our attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, have a vast understanding of the laws that shape the outcomes of complex custody modification cases. Our attorneys share over 75 years of negotiation and courtroom experience that they will use to protect your parenting rights during your legal ordeal.

Understanding Missouri’s Relocation Laws

Many states require divorced parents to obtain court permission to relocate their child 50 miles or 100 miles away from their original home. In Missouri, parents are allowed to move their residence anywhere without obtaining a court order.
To receive permission for the move, the parent requesting the relocation must notify the other parent at least 60 days before the move via certified mail. In addition, this notice must contain relevant details, such as:
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The parent who is not relocating has a 30-day window to respond. If the parent agrees to the move or does not respond, most family court judges will approve the relocation. If the parent objects to the relocation, the court will need to intervene.

How We Can Help If You Want To Move With Your Child

Our family law attorneys are trial-tested litigators who know how to build a strong case and ease your concerns before your courtroom appearance. As your advocates, they will work closely with you to determine which argument and evidence to use to support your interest.
Although our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of concerned parents, they are mindful of the great impact that move away requests have on both parents and children. You can depend on us to handle this critical family law matter with the urgency and dedication it requires.

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Judges do not take relocation requests lightly, and neither should you. Please complete our online form to contact a lawyer at our firm about your child custody concerns. Or, your can reach our offices by calling 314-721-6677.

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