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Guiding You Through Difficult Times

Divorce is among the most important — and intensive — legal steps in life. A divorce case addresses emotional issues, and it has a far-reaching impact on many aspects of life. It can be a draining and stressful process.

The divorce attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, strive to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that divorce often brings. In providing strategic, step-by-step guidance, they can help make the process as painless as possible.

Protecting Your Assets And Financial Security

Divorce has the potential to destroy the financial picture you have worked hard to build. It can take a costly toll on your assets and goals. However, the right attorney can help you find creative ways to minimize the expense of divorce and protect your property interests.

The lawyers at Grant, Miller & Smith are well-equipped to provide valuable guidance on property division, spousal maintenance (alimony), child support and other financial aspects of divorce. They have experience handling complex, high-asset cases with much at stake. Their family law clients include business owners, professionals, executives and families from all walks of life.

Minimizing The Impact Of Divorce On Your Children

When a divorcing couple has minor children, shielding them from any detrimental effects of divorce is a paramount concern. Our attorneys understand how to ease this often difficult transition for children. Lawyers William Grant and Henry Miller are former guardians ad litem (court-appointed advocates for children). Their thorough understanding of Missouri child custody law — especially the legal standards regarding the best interests of children — makes them two of the area’s leading lawyers in this field.

Distilling An Approach Geared Toward Success

There is no single formula for achieving success in a divorce case. Much depends on your circumstances, priorities and goals.

The attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith appreciate the unique nature of your situation. They will work with you to sort through the many factors at play in your case and, from those, distill an effective approach. They are well-versed in collaborative methods for resolving disputes. And as accomplished trial lawyers, they are equipped to advance your interest through litigation if needed.

For a consultation with the St. Louis-based divorce attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith, call 314-492-8878 or get in touch via email.