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Child Custody Attorneys With Exceptional Experience

A Strong Background In Understanding Children’s Needs

The most important aspect of divorce is its impact on the children. No parents want their children to suffer negative consequences or difficult transitions through divorce or separation. Yet keeping a strong relationship with your children — and remaining involved in their lives — is likely your foremost goal.

The legal team at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, understands the complexities of child custody. Attorney William Grant has more than 35 years of experience in child custody and juvenile law. Both of these areas revolve around understanding children’s needs and best interests. Mr. Grant’s experience as a guardian ad litem (court-appointed representative for children) enhance his perspective on Missouri custody law and procedures. Likewise, attorney Henry Miller has extensive experience handling complex child custody issues as both an advocate and guardian ad litem.

As a recipient of the Guardian Ad Litem of the Year Award through the St. Louis Family Court, attorney William Grant possesses an extraordinary level of experience handling custody-related issues from all angles.

Understanding Custody Arrangements

Missouri family law recognizes two aspects of child custody — legal and physical. Legal custody refers to parental decision-making authority regarding major decisions in the children’s lives. Physical custody refers to actually living and spending time with the children.

Missouri law starts with a presumption in favor of joint legal and physical custody. However, certain situations may call for sole custody. The attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith can provide detailed guidance on how the law impacts your custody and child support options.

Grandparents’ Rights, Third-Party Custody And Same-Sex Couples

In addition to representing biological parents, the firm’s attorneys handle custody-related issues for grandparents and other third parties who may be entitled to visitation rights. They are also intimately familiar with the unique custody challenges that same-sex couples face.

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