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Addressing The Needs Of Today’s Adoptive Families

The adoption process often surprises people in its complexity. For that reason, you want to safeguard your family’s rights during the adoption process by working with a seasoned legal team who understands how today’s adoptions actually work.
Our firm, Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, delivers the personalized representation sought by clients throughout the St. Louis, Missouri, area. In doing so, we draw on more than six decades of combined legal experience.

Knowledgeable Legal Counsel For Today’s Adoptions

Our lawyers can help you in a wide variety of adoptions. Our office handles:
Because our attorneys work with you directly, they understand how to identify and anticipate the unique issues that make your adoption process different. You will rest easier knowing you have had an experienced guide during this deceptively complicated process.
To help ease your mind, we stay in regular contact with you throughout the process. We commit ourselves to sitting down with you and guiding you step-by-step through what you can expect and where your adoption stands.

LGBTQ+ Adoptions

If you are LGBTQ and have a child or would like to adopt a child, it is wise to confer with a knowledgeable family lawyer to gain clarity and legal protection for your parental rights in Missouri. Our firm is LGBTQ+ friendly help clients with second parent adoptions or agency adoptions.

Accomplished Family Law Attorneys

Our peers have recognized our firm for superior work. That superior work stems directly from the personalized approach we take to each of our client’s cases.

It also stems from our firm’s years of experience. With more than 60 years of combined experience to our credit, we have the seasoned legal judgment you need should unusual circumstances or unclear laws affect your adoption proceedings.

Put Our Accessible Attorneys To Work On Your Adoption

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