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Family law almost always involves sensitive issues. The ramifications of a family law case can impact your finances, property holdings, children and other foundational facets of life. In such high-stakes matters, you should have an attorney and advocate you can trust.

You will find a wealth of knowledge, dedication and determination in attorneys William Grant and Henry Miller at the St. Louis law firm of Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC. Mr. Grant is a seasoned family law attorney with more than 40 years of trusted experience. He is well-regarded as a local leader in the family law field. Attorney Henry Miller is likewise well-versed in the nuances of family law, having handled hundreds of cases in the family courts.

Mr. Grant has been selected by his peers as a Missouri Super Lawer every year since 2013. Mr. Miller has been selected by his peers as a Missouri Super Lawyer every year since 2015.

Wide-Ranging Experience On A Multitude Of Family Law Matters

Family law encompasses numerous legal issues. Grant, Miller & Smith handles almost any type of family law matter, with a special emphasis on:

  • Divorce: Whether you are facing a complex, high-asset divorce involving the division of property or an uncontested split, attorneys William Grant and Henry Miller can simplify the process for you and protect your interests through each stage of the proceedings.
  • Child custody: In addition to representing adults in child custody cases, both Mr. Grant and Mr. Miller regularly act as guardians ad litem (court-appointed advocates for children), bringing a valuable perspective to custody cases. Their in-depth knowledge of Missouri’s child custody law and ability to view cases objectively, from all angles, are key strengths in this often emotionally charged area of law.
  • Modifications: Changing the terms of a child custody arrangement, spousal maintenance (alimony) obligation or child support award requires court approval. Proposed modifications must also meet certain legal standards to be successful. Mr. Grant and Mr. Miller provide detailed guidance for those seeking or opposing modifications.
  • Adoptions: The firm handles grandparent adoptions, stepparent adoptions, agency adoptions, same-sex adoptions and at-risk adoptions.
  • Same-sex relationships: Same-sex marriages present their own set of complexities. Mr. Grant and Mr. Miller have been advocating for the rights of same-sex couples since before Missouri recognized same-sex marriage. They have stayed at the cutting edge of this important issue.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: Mr. Grant and Mr. Miller advise clients on the impact of marital agreements, including drafting and reviewing them.
  • Transgender issues: As strong advocates for the transgender community, the firm can assist in matters such as name change and gender or other change.
  • Guardianship of minors and adults: The need to take legal guardianship of a child or an adult can be an extremely difficult decision to make, often shaking the very foundation of a family. Our attorneys can help you through this sensitive process.

Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, offers flexible appointment hours. To schedule your consultation, please call 314-492-8878 or contact the firm online.