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Maintaining Your Lifestyle After A Divorce

After a family breakup, the costs associated with maintaining two households can make it extremely difficult to maintain a pre-divorce lifestyle. It takes more than careful budgeting to minimize the economic impact a divorce can have on your post-divorce life.

Working with a seasoned legal team can help you secure a favorable divorce settlement so you have the resources to enjoy your new life. Our attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, have provided sophisticated representation to business owners and high net worth individuals in the St. Louis metro for decades. They will relentlessly pursue your interests to obtain fair terms in your property division and alimony agreement.

Asserting Your Interests Where The Laws Are Not Clear Cut

As an equitable division state, Missouri laws provide a bit of leeway in how property, assets and debt are divided. Family court judges are required to divide shared property fairly, not equally. Spousal maintenance agreements are another area in which the law does not have clear-cut standards for awards.

You cannot rely on a judge to rule in your favor. Your ability to present a compelling argument about your financial needs in court can make all the difference in the terms you receive. Our firm works closely with business valuation professionals, accountants, and vocational and lifestyle experts to build strong cases for fair financial support and property division terms.

Depending on your circumstances, we could use these arguments to give you an edge in court:

With more than 75 years of combined family law experience, our attorneys know which strategies are most effective. They will direct their focus toward securing the most favorable terms allowed under Missouri law. When your family breakup jeopardizes the possessions and luxuries that you value, you deserve to work with a proven and accomplished legal team.

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