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Equipped To Locate Hidden Assets

With the exception of child custody disputes, few divorce conflicts are as acrimonious as property division disputes. Spouses who are involved in hotly contested divorces may embrace a “win-at-all-costs” mentality and use deception to get ahead. When these tricks include marital fraud, the repercussions can be costly and may result in criminal charges. Our attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, are familiar with the strategies that individuals use to hide their assets during divorce. If you believe that your soon-to-be-former spouse is hiding assets during your property division negotiations, contact us. Our attorneys will make it their mission to locate secreted assets and secure your fair share.

Signs That May Indicate Marital Fraud

High-value or complex assets can complicate property division, which is why skilled professionals are hired to trace assets. If you do not have an accounting background, however, you’re not helpless. These red flags could indicate that your spouse is lying to you about your financial situation:

  • Your spouse stops talking to you about your finances or becomes defensive when the topic is broached.
  • Your spouse changes passwords on accounts, computers and smartphones.
  • Your spouse is unable to show you recent bank statements or refuses to let you review credit card bills.
  • Your spouse opens a post office box without your knowledge.

If you notice these troubling trends, share your concerns with us. Our attorneys have cultivated strong ties with forensic accountants and other financial experts who are equipped to unearth what’s been buried.

Penalties Attached To Marital Fraud

Failing to disclose all assets and property during discovery not only affects a property division agreement but also affects child support and alimony calculations. This is why Missouri judges take a hard line when confronting deceptive spouses. Lying in court is illegal. Judges can use their discretion to penalize parties for deception. These penalties could include:

  • Awarding the other spouse with a more generous share of the marital property and assets
  • Awarding the other spouse all the found assets, possessions or property
  • Requiring the spouse to pay the other spouse’s attorney fees
  • Charging the spouse with perjury or contempt of court

At Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, our attorneys are able to ferret out financial untruths and bring them to light. Each member of our legal team is intelligent, ethical and highly regarded. Our attorneys do not need to rely on tricks to obtain favorable property division agreements. They have the skill set required to get the fair results that you deserve.

Let Us Protect Your Financial Welfare

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