Divorce for Those in the Trade Industries

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Divorce Attorneys For Trades Workers

When people who work in the trade industries – such as plumbers, electricians, pipefitters and mechanics – find themselves facing divorce, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. Just as your work involves numerous technical details that require a lot of skill and experience to master, so, too, do the legal intricacies of the divorce process. You need a lawyer who understands those details and can pull the right legal levers to protect your interests at each stage of the case.

At Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, our lawyers have the skills and experience necessary to provide strategic divorce guidance for clients in the trade industries. We know that you have worked hard to establish your career and assets. You shouldn’t have to lose all of that due to divorce. We can look out for your interests to make sure you get your fair share.

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Breaking Down The Components Of A Divorce Case

A divorce case involves many components. They include:

  • Child custody: If you have minor children, custody and visitation are big issues that are often hotly contested. We can help you pursue an arrangement that keeps you meaningfully involved in their lives.
  • Alimony/maintenance and child support: If you’re self-employed, it can be challenging to prove your income for purposes of alimony (called maintenance in Missouri) and child support. We know how to deal with complications that can arise from these issues.
  • Property division: Property in Missouri is divided “equitably,” which means fairly. It doesn’t necessarily mean 50/50. We can help ensure that you don’t lose an unfair portion of your assets. Assets a trades person might own:
    • office equipment, office furniture
    • company vehicle (box truck, work truck, semi-truck, automobile)
    • heavy equipment (bulldozer, excavator, dump truck, plows)
    • work buildings (pole barn, garage, parking lot, other buildings for business)
  • Modifications and enforcement: Even after a divorce is finalized, you may have income or job changes that require adjustments to the alimony, child support and custody orders. Our attorneys can help you navigate these modifications. We can also help you enforce the terms of the original order if your ex-spouse fails to comply.

Just as no two jobs are exactly alike in the trade industries, so, too, no two divorce cases are exactly the same. You can count on our lawyers to craft an individualized approach that fits your unique circumstances and goals.

Protecting Your Interests From The Outset

You deserve a skilled divorce lawyer who will protect your interests at all stages of your case. To learn more about how we can do that, send us an email or call our office at 314-721-6677.