Sex Crimes

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Everyone has the right to a fair trial. Yet sex offenses carry such a strong social stigma that protecting your rights involves more challenges than other types of criminal charges. You are entitled to due process before a fair and impartial decision-maker — not a media spectacle in the court of public opinion.

The attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused. They are well-acquainted with the unique difficulties of sex offense cases. Backed by more than six decades of combined experience, they know how to put in place a strong defensive strategy for challenging the charges and protecting your rights.

Background In Forensic Science

One of the firm’s defense attorneys, Greg N. Smith, possesses a unique and valuable background in forensic DNA analysis. He holds a master’s degree in forensic science, and he previously served as a DNA analyst for the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory in Maryland. His in-depth familiarity with lab testing procedures, DNA and other forms of biological evidence can work to your benefit.

Extensive Experience Handling State And Federal Charges

The lawyers at Grant, Miller & Smith handle all types of sex crime charges in Missouri state and federal courts, including:

Most sex crimes are felonies. Any level of charge can subject you to harsh criminal penalties, including jail time.

Another Layer Of Consequences: Missouri Sex Offender Registry

A conviction for most sex crimes will impose consequences beyond just a lengthy prison sentence. You may also face mandatory sex offender registration, a statewide program through the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Registration will publicly brand you as a sexual predator. It can affect your employment, housing and many other aspects of life. Additionally, violating your registration requirements can lead to further criminal charges.

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