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Raising children together after a divorce

Most parents in Missouri would quickly agree that parenting is difficult. When two parents are no longer in a romantic relationship, there are often even more struggles. Fortunately, there are some steps that parents can take to help create a peaceful co-parenting relationship following a divorce.

Dividing a pension plan in a Missouri divorce

The decision to end a marriage is often a difficult one to make. Many people in Missouri who have been together for years often take into consideration how the decision to do so will affect their future financial plans. Despite this, those who decide to divorce come to the conclusion that doing so is in their best interests.

Things to consider in a high asset divorce in Missouri

When two people decide to marry, they typically do so with the intention that they will spend the rest of their lives together. While some couples may realize relatively quickly that their lives are not compatible, others may spend years building their lives before coming to that realization. While a divorce can be difficult as any couple goes through the process, those involving high assets in Missouri can be even more complicated.

Giuliani, now ex-wife agree on divorce settlement

Most people in Missouri would agree that the end of a marriage is a difficult time. This is likely especially so for couples who are relatively well-known and for whom the details of their disagreement are reported in the media. Fortunately, settling a divorce out-of-court can help keep many of the details of a split private.

Helping children through the holidays following divorce

A change in the routine of children can have a significant impact on them. In the case of a divorce in Missouri, children are often left to transition back and forth between homes and, in some cases, adjust to a new school. Unfortunately, even when parents have seemingly come to agreement on many of the issues surrounding the end of marriage, they may still experience conflict over how their children will spend the holidays. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the chances of conflict and ensure that the time is filled with positive experiences with both sides of their family.

Helping children cope with the aftermath of a divorce

Any parent in Missouri would likely agree that major changes in a child's life have the potential of creating stress for the child. This is certainly true when a child's parents are going through a divorce. Fortunately, parents can take steps to help children through this transition.

Dividing assets during a Missouri divorce

Most people in Missouri would agree that the end of a marriage is a difficult time for all involved. However, the longer a couple has been together, the more time-consuming and complicated it can be to extricate their lives and divide the assets they have accumulated. Because of this, many who are going through a divorce turn to experienced family law attorneys, such as the team of dedicated legal professionals at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC.

Billionaire couple must sell art during divorce proceedings

Many couples in Missouri who spend years together acquire a variety of different assets. While some people may automatically think of retirement funds and real estate, assets can also include valuable collectibles, such as an art collection. In fact, such a collection is a point of contention for one couple in another state who is going through a divorce.

The complications of owning a business while seeking a divorce

Many people in Missouri work hard to build successful businesses. Often simultaneously, they are building their lives with their spouse and children. In some cases, they may not fully realize what impact a divorce can have on a business in the event the marriage should end.

Working toward successful co-parenting after divorce

When two people in Missouri choose to marry, they do so with the intention of spending the rest of their lives together. Often, they also choose to have children together. Despite their best intentions for their future, romantic relationships fall apart. Even though it is difficult to do so, those with children must continue to co-parent together even after a divorce.

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