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Missouri criminal defense: Man charged in fatal shooting

A 26-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a recent fatal shooting that claimed the life of another man, age 32. Missouri authorities are on the hunt for another suspect. The man arrested was allegedly the get-away driver in the Gravois Park neighborhood shooting. He will have to mount an aggressive criminal defense against the first-degree murder and criminal action charges leveled against him.

Criminal defense: 2 Missouri men charged with murder

Two men are facing charges after allegedly killing a man they found in a home they were intent on ransacking. Both the accused, who are from the Madison County area in Missouri, have been charged with three counts of first-degree murder, one count of armed robbery and one count of home invasion. They will both need to mount a strong criminal defense to fight the charges.

Criminal defense attorneys will monitor new role for deputies

Sheriff's deputies in Missouri can make arrests just like police officers. Well, that is, everywhere in the state except in St. Louis. That is going to change quickly, however, because the state legislature passed a law in May that gives St. Louis sheriff's deputies the same arrest powers as deputies throughout the state. Criminal defense attorneys may be keeping a sharp lookout at the new practices to assure that defendant's rights are being protected in the transition that looms ahead.

Missouri criminal defense: 2 facing charges for stealing car

Two people in Missouri are facing a number of criminal charges after allegedly stealing a car and nearly hitting a police officer with the vehicle. This incident is said to have occurred in the O'Fallon area on Wednesday, March 21. Both of the accused individuals have the right to a criminal defense.

Missouri criminal defense: Babysitter facing neglect charges

Whether for work purposes or just the need to get away, parents in Missouri and elsewhere have to leave their children with other individuals whom they trust will care for and protect them in their absence. Those who return to discover their children may have been neglected or abused have every right to have the situation investigated. Recently, a Missouri mother left her child with a babysitter, and now that babysitter is in need of a criminal defense.

Does failing field sobriety tests hurt my criminal defense?

Getting stopped for suspected DUI can be extremely intimidating. In Missouri, officers are likely to request that one participate in field sobriety testing. If a person does submit -- yes it is a choice -- and fails, he or she may be left wondering what that means for his or her criminal defense.

St. Louis criminal defense: 4 accused of shooting at police

Police in St. Louis and elsewhere have difficult and dangerous jobs. It comes with the territory. However, the city does not take violent actions against its police officers lightly. Recently four young men were arrested for allegedly shooting at two officers. If charged, each of these individuals has the right to a criminal defense.

Missouri criminal defense: Misdemeanor versus felony

Missouri residents who have been charged with crimes may feel uneasy about the future. After all, having a criminal record is no small thing. It is something that can follow a person for the rest of his or her life. That is why having a skilled criminal defense attorney on one's side when facing either a misdemeanor or felony charge is so important.

A criminal defense attorney's job does not end at conviction

So, you were charged with a crime in Missouri. Despite your best efforts and even with the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you were convicted of the crime. Think your case is done? Think your attorney's job is done? Think again.

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