Why you may need to consider a divorce

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A lot of times, you can rescue your relationship. However, sometimes you can damage a marriage to the point where you cannot revive it.

Here are some signs that it is time to consider divorce and start a new chapter in your life.

A lack of arguments

Spouses argue. Avoidance and silence are not good. Something is missing from your relationship if you do not argue or go out of your way to avoid a disagreement. Although not every fight will be life-altering, even little ones are a good sign. It should end with you both fighting for the relationship. If you do not have any fight left, it might be time to move on.

Winning is everything

The way couples argue may indicate that it is time to consider marriage dissolution. An ideal argument concludes with a solution that preserves your relationship. When fighting becomes more about the partners trying to win, you think about power, not connection. That is a bad sign.

A fight is your goal

Finally, if you are constantly looking for a fight, it is time to admit you want a divorce. That is often a sign that your subconscious wants you to move on, but you are afraid. In other words, if you intentionally leave something out in the open that will provoke your spouse, see the signs and move on.

Confusion is not usually confusion. It is usually a lie. Chances are, you are blocking your answer by telling yourself you do not know what to do. In reality, you probably know but are afraid of the next steps. If you notice any of these signs and feel confused, you should consider getting started on the divorce process

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