Tips for successful co-parenting during summertime

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With summer just around the corner, families are gearing up to begin their summer vacation time. Summer break can be challenging for divorced parents because they have to figure out how to split the time so they can both spend time with their child.

Co-parenting is challenging in and of itself—there is no doubt about that. Dividing up large chunks of time, like an entire summer, can complicate things. Staying focused on what matters is critical to making any co-parenting arrangement successful.

Options for co-parenting in the summer

Many co-parenting options exist, but parents are often limited due to their work schedules. Managing both can be hard but possible. Keeping your focus on your child’s best interests and doing everything you can to make their summer fun will undoubtedly make things easier.

Some parents alternate two days at a time with alternate weekends, others alternate every week, and others rotate every two weeks. It is also common to see children live with just one parent the entire summer if co-parents can be highly cooperative and allow the other parent to visit and spend time with the child frequently and regularly.

Agreements in writing

Some parents prefer to put their agreements in writing to hold each other and themselves accountable. This can be helpful for even the most civil of parents, as everyone needs a reminder from time to time. Remember that summertime is a time for children to rest after a long year of schooling.

Lastly, remember that your child is most excited about getting to spend time with you.

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