At issue: maintaining your expected lifestyle after divorce

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Your pending divorce has you worried in a number of ways. You wonder how the divorce will affect your children and how all of you will adapt. Things will change, but how much will they change?

Another major concern relates to your standard of living. You have grown accustomed to the affluent lifestyle afforded to your family by your estranged spouse’s income. You want to know whether your family will be able to maintain that and cope with complex financial dealings.

Tuition, club fees and comfortable home

Throughout your marriage, you and your children were used to a number of things that fulfilled your lives. For your children, the private high school and college tuition, sports club fees and costly music, dance and horseback-riding lessons would help lead them on a path toward success in education and adulthood.

For you, the country club memberships and allowances for retail, dining and travel expenses made your life more than satisfying. And together, you and your children counted on the regular summer and holiday vacations along with your upscale smart home filled with comforts such as a home theater, family game room, gourmet kitchen and hybrid motor vehicles.

This lifestyle may be at risk with a divorce. But with the right planning, having a firm understanding of your expectations and working with an experienced and assertive family law attorney, you will gain certain advantages.

An attorney will help you determine which assets you want to keep, which ones you are willing to negotiate and what you would give up.

You deserve the lifestyle you know

Do not accept a one-sided divorce settlement. Trust your instincts and listen to the critical advice from your attorney. You deserve fair treatment and reassurance in knowing that you and your children may be able to continue with the lifestyle to which you have long been accustomed.

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