3 ways to keep your children happy with custody arrangements

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Though divorce is never simple, you can work hard to keep your children happy and healthy as they adjust to their new circumstances.

If you and your ex-spouse formulate a parenting plan to make your offspring’s well-being your number one priority, your kids can continue to thrive in their lives post-separation.

Move past your anger and resentment

You may feel hurt over the way things ended with your former spouse, but you must move past those feelings to co-parent healthily. Remember never to unleash your negative feelings in front of your children. Instead, find wholesome ways to vent frustrations such as exercise, therapy or time with friends.

Communicate calmly and effectively

Ensure conversations with your ex-partner remain focused on your children, not your issues with one another. Convey your messages politely and with purpose. Rather than making statements, which can seem like demands, try phrasing your desires as questions. Learn to consider the needs and concerns of the other parent as well. If you find yourself getting frustrated, engage in some mind-calming exercises and then respond as respectfully as possible.

Transition with grace

Leaving one parent and reuniting with the other can prove challenging for kids, especially in the weeks and months following a divorce. Before your children spend time at a new residence, give them a few weeks to adjust to the idea. Be consistent with dropoffs and keep essentials at both dwellings to reduce the amount of time spent packing.

The first few times you separate from your children so they can spend time with your ex can be overwhelming. Bear in mind that co-parenting typically becomes easier with time and hard work from both parents.

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