Are you considering a divorce in your later years?

As an older couple, you have likely spent a long time together with your partner. But the amount of time you spend together does not dictate how much time you should continue spending together in the future.

As the years go on, gray divorce grows more common. But is there any particular reason for this?

What is gray divorce?

Business Insider discusses gray divorce, an increasing phenomenon in older age brackets. Gray divorce is a blanket term for any divorce involving couples in their 50s or above. There are many speculations about the increasing rate for this older age group.

First, quality of life improves over time. At one point, society viewed your 50s as being late in life. Many couples stuck together because they did not want to be alone in these later years. These days, people regularly live decades past their 50s. Many find they have plenty of time to settle down with a new partner in that time.

Second, stigma surrounding divorce has steadily decreased over the years. Divorce once had the power to ruin a person’s reputation and chance at finding a new partner. This was especially true for women. These days, in many areas, divorce is a normal thing that over half of the population has gone through.

Third, many people retire in their 50s and 60s. If you had children, they are likely out of the house by now. This is an opportunity to rekindle an old relationship, but some people find that the spark is gone. Amiably splitting at this point is perfectly natural. Of course, regardless of the reason, the choice is up to you and your spouse, and you must weigh it carefully.

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