What makes joint custody a more positive approach?

During a divorce, one of your main priorities is still your children. Splitting up with your ex does not have to damage your children’s stability. If the two of you work together, you can both continue to engage with and be present in your children’s lives.

Huffington Post suggests that co-parenting can promote a child’s healthy development.

How is co-parenting healthier for children?

You and your former spouse are your children’s main support system. During a divorce, they may feel anxious and confused, as if there is a threat to that system. Explain that you and your ex are still there for your children.

A study out of Sweden shows that children in families where there is joint physical custody have the same mental health outcomes as children with intact families. Moving between homes is not the problem. A lack of access to both parents is more problematic.

How can you share custody?

Children may experience less stress when you do not use the every-other-weekend model for custody. Instead, your children may benefit more from rotating between you and your former spouse each week. One week on and one week off may provide you and your ex with a moment to breathe but also it keeps both of you accessible to your children.

Some parents also try nesting. Nesting involves maintaining the family home and renting a home or apartment that you and your ex rotate between. One week he or she would spend it in the family home with your children and the next, you would be home with the children. This can ease your children’s adjustment to the divorce.

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