How do I prepare for a modification hearing?

You probably feel a lot is riding on your upcoming hearing to modify your child custody or parenting agreement. The pressure of the hearing may put you on edge and you worry that you will not perform at your best during your hearing. However, the right preparation might make you feel better about your chances.

Knowing how you should prepare before the hearing takes place may help diminish your worries and help you make the best case for yourself in court. The Missouri courts website describes what you should do to get ready for the day of your hearing.

Make inquiries in advance

Knowing where the hearing will take place and when is important. Check to see which court will hear your case and the specific courtroom that you must attend. Also, contact the court clerk to make certain the hearing will proceed as scheduled. Certain problems, like a lack of required forms on file or a delay in serving the other parent, might hamper the hearing date.

Read and organize your documents

You might fear that you will forget key arguments that might help you in your hearing. To keep crucial points of your case fresh in your mind, organize your documents so that you have easy access to them. If necessary, write a short summary of the case, and if you can, compose an outline of key points and arguments. Review your documents, summary and outline before your hearing.

Choose the right clothing

You will also need to wear the appropriate clothing for your hearing. Pick out what you want to wear days before the hearing so that you do not worry about it on the hearing day. Business casual clothing like a collared shirt, a blouse, a sweater, skirt, dress, and khaki or chino style pants should be enough.

Make an early arrival at court

Since court buildings possess tight security measures, you should arrive at the court earlier than the hour when your hearing commences. You will need sufficient time to navigate through security and arrive at the courtroom. If you have asked people to serve as your witnesses, make sure they arrive in a timely manner as well. Check to see that your witnesses have received their subpoenas so they know to attend the hearing.

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