How can you fight a narcissist for child custody?

The defining characteristics of a narcissist make him or her exploitative, arrogant and unempathetic. When you argue with a narcissist, it generally goes nowhere. Add a custody battle to the situation and the situation may get much worse.

Forbes suggests that there are specific ways to fight for custody against a narcissist.

Do not make a diagnosis

You might feel tempted to call your ex a narcissist. Even if his or her behavior fits the description, do not play the role of a psychologist. Instead, be clear about the toxic and narcissistic behavior that he or she commits. Show the court how it affects your children, rather than make any claim about his or her mental condition.

Do keep a record of events

Try to keep all your records organized. If you have videos of your spouse’s treatment of your children or yourself, have them ready to show the court. Narcissists harm their children’s mental health. In court, you can claim that your spouse has manipulated, exploited or otherwise ignored the best interests of your children, but you need to keep track of any evidence.

Do not be confrontational

Confrontation will not look good on your record. The more reasonable you are, the more likely the courts will favor you. Even when it is difficult, try to be reasonable with visitation. If your ex sends you a negative communication, do not return it. Instead, keep your tone straightforward and polite. While politeness matters, do not accept lies either. If your ex tells a false statement about an event in your marriage, challenge the story.

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