What are the requirement to adopt a child in Missouri?

Adopting a child in Missouri is an adoption considered by many couples for various reasons. If you think adoption is right for your family, you must first assess whether you meet the requirements of the state.

You can adopt as a single parent or as a married couple, as long as you are at least 21 years of age.

The cost of adoption

Adopt US Kids states that whether fostering or adopting children, there are no costs associated with the process. Do bear in mind, however, that raising a child can get quite expensive, and you should make sure that you have a stable income before going through the process, as this is one of the requirements in this state.

Additional adoption requirements

Beyond that, you need to be willing to partner with the child’s family. When you start this process, any concerns and differing perspectives will be addressed by a special team, and your eligibility is determined in part by your willingness to participate in these meetings.

As long as your home meets the standards of licensing, it can be either a house, apartment or condominium. You can find out about these requirements by calling your county’s local social services office.

A criminal record can be a determining factor in your eligibility to adopt. In addition to providing your fingerprints and passing a background check, you will also need to go through a vetting process to assess if you have ever been involved in child neglect or abuse. Lastly, your mental and physical health both need to be sound if you want to adopt, and these may be examined as part of the process.

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