How do I modify a parenting plan?

As your child’s needs and your family changes over the years, there will likely be a time when you need to revise your parenting plan. What worked when your children were little will not work anymore once they are teens. 

The court does allow you to modify your parenting plan, according to the Missouri Courts. How this happens depends on whether you and the other parent can come to an agreement. 

If There Is No Agreement

If you do not agree, then you need to have a court hearing to make decisions and finalize any modifications. You will have to present evidence showing that the change is necessary if you are the one requesting the changes, or you can present evidence that you do not need changes made. 

At this point, you still have the ability to reach your own agreement, but if you do not, then the court will make the decision. The court will always side with your children and what is best for them. This means that if the court does not agree with the evidence you present or if there is an issue with the modification that the court feels is not good for your children, it can deny the modification. 

If There Is An Agreement

If you and the other parent are in agreement, then you can make the changes you want and file it with the court. The court has to approve the final agreement, but most of the time, the court will approve something that you and the other parent agree upon. As long as the modification is in the best interests of your children, this should not be a lengthy process. 

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