3 ways a postnuptial agreement may keep you from divorcing

Regardless of the length of your relationship, your marriage could encounter trouble. Even if you did not draft a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle, you may want to think about executing a postnuptial one.

Here are three ways a postnuptial agreement may keep you out of divorce court.

1. It helps set realistic expectations

If you and your spouse seem to argue all the time, there is some chance you have not outlined each person’s role in the marriage.

While a postnuptial agreement may define what happens to assets in the event of a divorce, you can also use it to set realistic expectations about household duties and other matters. This may cause your relationship to improve.

2. It defines the risk of calling it quits

You and your spouse may have kicked around the idea of divorce, with neither of you fully committing to the idea. Still, you may have a general idea of what is likely to happen to the marital estate in divorce court.

Putting property division in a legally binding document has a way of clearly defining the risk, though. Once your spouse sees what he or she stands to lose, fixing the marriage may become a priority.

3. It may pave the way for a family

While having a baby to save a marriage is cliché, doing so sometimes works. If you have been putting off starting a family because of a financial disparity between you and your spouse, executing a postnuptial agreement may put the issue to bed.

Even if you are not planning to have children, a postnuptial agreement may save your marriage for other reasons. Accordingly, if you think you are heading for divorce court, executing one may be part of your overall relationship-improvement strategy.

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