Should I settle my divorce in or out of court?

No one likes to be embroiled in unpleasant situations. There are times, however, when Missouri couples in the throes of divorce can’t seem to come to a consensus on various issues and have to make the decision whether to keep trying to settle those matters or head to court to have a judge decide. There are definitely some options to weigh.

Firstly, litigation — or going to court — can take an awfully long time, in most cases a year or longer. Couples are at the mercy of the court’s schedule. So, it really behooves couples to try to reach a settlement with their independent lawyers. But if each individual knows they’re likely to end up in court anyhow, it might be best to go that route.

Costs can add up going the trial route as well and that could be in the five to six-digit range depending upon individual circumstances, how long it takes lawyers to prepare for trial, accounting for the judge’s time and taking up courtroom space. Out of court settlements are usually much less costly. Add to this the stress court has on both people along with the anxiety over an uncertain outcome.

A Missouri attorney and his or her client may best be able to decide if litigation is the right avenue to pursue in a divorce case. There may be less costly alternatives to pursue like mediation. Most couples prefer working things out this way. But if that is not going well, an attorney might be the one in the best position to suggest otherwise.

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