Becoming a long distance parent after a divorce

In some instances, when a couple’s marriage ends, one person might move away to make a new go of it. When this type of situation happens after divorce and there are children involved, it can be extremely difficult. But there are ways Missouri parents can make a go of long distance parenting. This is especially true in this technological age where staying in touch is easier than even a few decades ago.

Stats show that it is most often fathers who might move a distance away from their kids, but that’s not always the case. A parent who lives far from his or her children can still make relationships work in several ways. Kids love getting mail, so experts suggest sending kids post cards on a regular basis. A long distance parent can surprise a child with an unexpected phone call in addition to their regular calls. Such a parent might also make an effort to get to know his or her kids’ friends and the parents of their kids’ friends.

When a long distance parent become interested in the things that ignite passion in his or her children, the distance might not seem so divisive. As well, asking kids how they want to stay in touch might make them feel more included. Spending as much time as possible with children one-on-one is also a good idea, even if it means a plane ride.

Not being able to see children every day physically does not necessarily mean a parent can’t have a great relationship with them. A Missouri resident in this type of situation after a divorce, might wish to consult with an experienced attorney. A lawyer might be able to offer some insight as to what could be in the best interests of children in these cases.

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