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June 2020 Archives

Considering business debt in a divorce situation in Missouri

An entrepreneur whose marriage is hanging by a thread will likely want to safeguard his or her business in case of a marital split. Business people in Missouri who are heading for divorce may also be carrying some business debt and might need to understand how that debt figures into the divorce process. It could prove to be a contentious issue if not handled properly.

Missouri spouses often cite these reasons for divorce

If you were to take a survey of every married couple in Missouri, you'd be hard-pressed to find one who says they have never encountered challenges in their relationship. No two marriages are exactly the same. Any number of issues can cause a strain in your relationship, from financial issues to child-related matters or issues that are more intimate between you and your partner.

Becoming a long distance parent after a divorce

In some instances, when a couple's marriage ends, one person might move away to make a new go of it. When this type of situation happens after divorce and there are children involved, it can be extremely difficult. But there are ways Missouri parents can make a go of long distance parenting. This is especially true in this technological age where staying in touch is easier than even a few decades ago.

Making changes to life insurance during the divorce process

There are certain things and documents that are likely to be affected when a couple make the decision to end their marriage. With so many issues on the table during a divorce situation, some Missouri couples might forget about any life insurance policies that are certain to need tweaking as a couple moves through the divorce process. This needs to be taken care of, especially if minor children are a part of the picture.

Hiding assets in divorce is illegal: Is your spouse doing it?

When you decided to file for divorce in a Missouri court, you knew it would spark many changes in your life as well as your children's lives. You may have also suspected that your spouse wasn't going to take the news well. Perhaps your relationship is already contentious, and you were worried that your spouse would be angry when you announced your decision.

Should I settle my divorce in or out of court?

No one likes to be embroiled in unpleasant situations. There are times, however, when Missouri couples in the throes of divorce can't seem to come to a consensus on various issues and have to make the decision whether to keep trying to settle those matters or head to court to have a judge decide. There are definitely some options to weigh.

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