What are the reasons people decide to get a divorce?

When people make the choice to divorce, it is typically not something they take lightly. It often comes after a great deal of consideration for any and all possible benefits and consequences. Even so, the reasons that people get a divorce are as varied as those who pursue this path.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce here in Missouri, you may wonder whether anyone could possibly understand your experience. While every situation is unique, there are several common reasons that people decide to untie the knot. Learning what those are may offer you some reassurance that you are not alone in your thinking. These reasons seem to fall into three categories

Changes in the relationship

Some people enter into marriage believing that they can encourage their spouse to change. Whether that happens or not, it usually requires the spouse to want to change him- or herself. When one spouse comes to the realization that the other will never change, particularly if he or she isn’t even willing to make the effort, it can mean divorce. Marriage is a partnership above all, and if one spouse feels as though that partnership is unequal, he or she may decide to leave.

Similarly, many people rush into marriage, and it can spell disaster for the union. Partners may quickly discover that they differ on issues that they cannot reconcile, like religious beliefs, child-rearing ideas or personal moral standards. Communication is key, and many relationships are sadly lacking. This problem often comes up in relation to disagreements over finances, which is one of the more common reasons people cite in divorce.

Your spouse’s behavior

The choices your spouse makes may directly influence how you feel about your relationship. Many unhappy spouses feel that they don’t get enough emotional support from their significant other. If one person feels disrespected, it can be difficult to overcome. In a similar way, physical affection is also important. It is a form of connection, and if it is missing, it can mean the end of a marriage.

There are also more serious matters your spouse may engage in, such as an affair, abuse or addiction. All of these have the potential to harm the other spouse emotionally and mentally, though abuse, and sometimes addiction, also carry a physical risk. All of these are very common reasons people pursue a divorce.

Your behavior

Though many of the above points could apply to either person in the relationship, sometimes, there are changes that you may undergo that cause you to reevaluate your marriage. Some people who divorce say they fell out of love with their spouse. Over time, they felt distanced from their partner and unable to change. Others point to losing their individuality within the relationship, as it can be very easy to let compromise become sacrifice. They may feel as though they’ve lost their own identity.

No matter your reasons for wanting a divorce, you should know that it is completely normal and nothing to feel ashamed of. It could end up being the best decision for everyone involved. If you have questions, consider talking with a family law attorney who can guide you through the process.

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