Tips for noncustodial parents to stay close to their kids

Many noncustodial parents in Missouri look forward to getting a fresh start in life after they settle their divorce. They want to leave their old marriage trouble behind and move on. Like most parents across the country, however, they want to avoid child custody problems and hope to maintain close and active relationships with their kids.

There are several things a noncustodial parent can do to stay closely connected to his or children, and to provide much needed support to help them cope with the changes in their lives. All children need time with their parents in order to thrive. Children of divorce fare best if they continue to spend lots of time with both parents. A noncustodial parent can help by staying nearby, meaning, it is probably not a good time to take a new job that is thousands of miles away from the kids.

It is important for a noncustodial parent to be on time for visits, and also to keep up with child support payments if that is applicable in a particular case. If kids know that their parents are willing to work together as a team for their sake, they’re likely to have less stress as they come to terms with the divorce. During visits, it helps to choose activities that spark interaction, which helps strengthen parent/child bonds and create memories together.

Child custody complications can put a damper on a noncustodial parent’s time with his or her kids. That’s why it is always best to try to resolve any obstacle that arises in as swift and amicable a manner as possible. If the latter is not possible, it is a good idea to reach out for additional support, especially from an experienced family law attorney if the problem involves a legal matter.

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