Statistics show that “gray divorce” is on the rise

For many Missouri couples and others across the country, staying married into their golden years doesn’t always end in wedded bliss. In fact, the rate of couples over the age of 50 getting a divorce has doubled in recent years. The term “gray divorce” has been coined to reflect this growing trend in our nation. Although divorce can be difficult at any age, researchers have offered some suggestions for those who are experiencing it in their golden years.

Studies show that it is possible for those going through a divorce to begin having difficulty sleeping and other physical or emotional issues. Men’s problems may include their diets or social lives, since their wives likely handled cooking and planning events. On the other hand, women often struggle with finances. In many marriages, wives quit their jobs or took long pauses in their careers, leaving husbands to manage the money.

Marital experts recommend that it is extremely important to solidify existing friendships or establish new ones, following a divorce. Being able to talk with others or get together for activities is critical during this time. Also, one should pay attention to any physical changes or problems, and seek medical attention if needed. Finally, be prepared to respond to others’ questions about the divorce so as not to be caught off guard.

While going through a divorce may seem overwhelming, no one has to navigate it alone. A Missouri divorce attorney can ensure that a person’s needs will be addressed throughout every step of the process. An experienced lawyer will work to achieve the best possible outcome for a client during the proceedings.

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