Divorce can make co-parenting challenging; an app can help

Many Missouri parents can relate to the difficulties of parenting a child together, even within a marriage. The challenges often become even greater if the marriage has ended, and mom and dad are trying to co-parent, especially if their divorce was contentious. Even if their relationship as exes is amicable, divorced parents may experience difficulty coordinating different schedules, communicating clearly and keeping track of important dates and documents. Many divorced parents find co-parenting apps offer several features that have helped them organize parenting details, as well as reduce conflict within their co-parenting relationship.

Co-parenting apps include a calendar so parents can easily access important dates, such as upcoming school events, doctor’s appointments, etc., as well as their custody schedule. Some apps also offer parents the option to include other people as users — for example, grandparents or a nanny. As well, users may wish to set it up to receive reminders about upcoming events. Many divorced parents can also benefit from a feature that allows users to upload and share documents, such as medication schedules, homework assignments, and the like.

Parents may find messaging within these apps better than texting or emailing. Participants can see exactly when a message was sent/received and also when it was read. Many divorced people, particularly if their relationship with their ex-spouse is less than stellar, find this tool allows the opportunity to maintain communication while reducing the chance of conflict. It is important, however, for divorced parents to retain some human interaction, if possible, to model good behavior for their children. As well, parents should also remember to use the app solely for communicating about details relevant to parenting their children.

Many Missouri parents who are divorced, or who are involved in the divorce process, may feel overwhelmed by the challenges of co-parenting when they are no longer together as a couple. Co-parenting apps may help divorced parents in many ways, including reducing tension and improving communication. Many divorcing couples, parents or not, find all aspects of the divorce process easier to navigate with the assistance of a knowledgeable family law attorney.

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