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April 2020 Archives

Keeping the family home not always best solution after divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, many individuals in Missouri and elsewhere around the nation think that keeping the family home is an ultimate goal in a settlement agreement. However, financial advisors warn that maintaining that home may not always be the wisest strategy following a divorce. They offer several important options to consider when determining how best to proceed with division of assets.

Statistics show that "gray divorce" is on the rise

For many Missouri couples and others across the country, staying married into their golden years doesn't always end in wedded bliss. In fact, the rate of couples over the age of 50 getting a divorce has doubled in recent years. The term "gray divorce" has been coined to reflect this growing trend in our nation. Although divorce can be difficult at any age, researchers have offered some suggestions for those who are experiencing it in their golden years.

Understanding the impact a social media post may have in divorce

Going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful process, and if you and your spouse decide to take separate paths in life, you may be experiencing a variety of emotions. During this time, the desire to reach out to family and friends for comfort and for someone with whom to share your concerns may seem only natural.

Changes to tax laws can affect divorce

Current statistics reflect that married couples in Missouri and elsewhere across the country are staying together more than in recent years. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a divorce rate of 45 percent in 2018, this number has been on a decline. Although fewer couples may be parting ways, it is still critical that those considering a divorce understand how updates to tax laws may affect them.

Divorce can make co-parenting challenging; an app can help

Many Missouri parents can relate to the difficulties of parenting a child together, even within a marriage. The challenges often become even greater if the marriage has ended, and mom and dad are trying to co-parent, especially if their divorce was contentious. Even if their relationship as exes is amicable, divorced parents may experience difficulty coordinating different schedules, communicating clearly and keeping track of important dates and documents. Many divorced parents find co-parenting apps offer several features that have helped them organize parenting details, as well as reduce conflict within their co-parenting relationship.

Successfully discussing family finances after divorce

Most divorced Missouri parents can relate to the difficulties of co-parenting following the dissolution of their marriage. Typically, the divorce process and post-divorce existence come with a multitude of challenges, and often, the list becomes longer when children are added into the mix. Many separated and divorced parents find managing finances concerning their shared children particularly intimidating, often causing stress and conflict. Divorced parents can benefit from the following tips.

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