Child custody negotiation when a parent has a demanding career

When Missouri couples decide to legally end their union, they often face a number of challenges. People involved in the process of divorce who are also parents may find navigating the area of child custody particularly stressful, but no doubt divorcing parents would agree that time spent with their children is precious, and any amount of difficulty they must endure during negotiations is well worth the outcome. Divorcing parents with a time-consuming career may be concerned about losing quality parenting time in the divorce as a result of the demands of their working life. Experts offer some tips for such individuals.

First, it is important for divorcing parents to always keep in mind the best interests of their child, rather than a win for themselves. People should think carefully and honestly about their child’s daily routines, and consider various scenarios and how they would be handled when the child is with them. For example, parents need to think about how they will manage weekday mornings, after-school time and sick days. Divorcing parents are also wise to be realistic about how much available time they have to spend with their children each day and avoid overestimating.

As far as work is concerned, divorcing individuals can and should communicate with their company if they require more flexibility in their work day for parenting. It is best to discuss in advance any necessary adjustments to the usual schedule and be open about having family responsibilities in addition to work. Divorcing parents should also be sure to adhere to the same standards they expect from the other parent. Ultimately, during the divorce process, parents who can demonstrate to the court that their intention is to be the best parent possible to their child will likely be viewed positively when custody decisions are made.

Most divorcing Missouri couples experience some stress during the process of ending their marriage, but parents may find this time especially difficult. Child custody negotiations may be particularly challenging for parents who also have a demanding career. However, all divorcing parents can ease some of the stress by focusing on what is best for everyone involved. An experienced family law attorney can be a valuable legal resource during this time.

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