Behaving badly toward spouse during divorce has negative effect

Ending a marriage tends to bring out the worst in people. Even if a person generally behaved kindly and positively toward his or her partner during the marriage, once a divorce is in process, that same person may act out of character sometimes or even often. Negative behavior may take the form of harsh comments about the spouse to a third party or to the spouse directly. However, divorcing Missouri couples who may be inclined to deliver nasty comments should first consider the following potential benefits to keeping that hostility in check.

First, divorce is stressful enough already, and couples who have an amicable divorce tend to reduce that stress load. In avoiding conflict, divorcing couples can also ease the process of reaching a settlement that suits both of them and, if children are involved, pave the way for a better co-parenting situation. People who avoid bad behavior, particularly within the spouse’s professional environment, may also increase their chances of ending up with a fair share of assets, since picking a fight in a spouse’s workplace could negatively affect that person’s business relationships as well as earning potential.

As well, in matters of custody, courts will always consider the child’s well-being above all else, so divorcing parents are wise to demonstrate that they prioritize their child’s well-being. Evidence that a divorcing individual has engaged in negative behavior toward his or her spouse can affect a court’s decisions around child custody and/or asset distribution. Divorcing people should also be aware that anything posted on social media may be seen by anyone; as well, it is important to remember that conversations with one’s spouse can be recorded or saved and later shared with the court.

Many people who are considering divorce, are in the midst of the process or have emerged on the other side will understand the compulsion to speak or act negatively toward a spouse (or ex). However, such behavior will only worsen what is already typically an unpleasant process. Missouri individuals who are ready to begin the process of divorce may find an experienced family law attorney a valuable resource during this time of emotional upheaval and numerous life-altering decisions.

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