Raising children together after a divorce

Most parents in Missouri would quickly agree that parenting is difficult. When two parents are no longer in a romantic relationship, there are often even more struggles. Fortunately, there are some steps that parents can take to help create a peaceful co-parenting relationship following a divorce.

The most important aspect of such a relationship is effective communication. This includes both the content of communication and method. That is, couples will decide if they prefer communication through text, email, phone call or in person, for examples. They may ultimately determine that one method is appropriate for certain types of information (such as a text over an inconsequential schedule change), but other decisions (such as what school a child will attend) will require an in-person meeting, perhaps facilitated by professionals. Keeping conversations respectful and focused — including avoiding rehashing unresolved issues from the past — can also maintain a positive relationship going forward.

Though many parents are able to overcome their differences and parent together even after divorce, there are some situations in which this arrangement may not work. For parents who are unable to cooperate with one another, a different type of arrangement, known as parallel parenting, may be the best option. With parallel parenting, parents minimize their communication with one another, perhaps limiting it only to issues regarding concerns over child safety or major decisions.

The vast majority of parents in Missouri are committed to ensuring that the best interests of their children are met. Unfortunately, those who are going through a divorce may struggle to come to an agreement on such issues. As such, they may require experienced professionals to help facilitate conversations and negotiations or ensure that their voice is heard in court.

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