Helping children through the holidays following divorce

A change in the routine of children can have a significant impact on them. In the case of a divorce in Missouri, children are often left to transition back and forth between homes and, in some cases, adjust to a new school. Unfortunately, even when parents have seemingly come to agreement on many of the issues surrounding the end of marriage, they may still experience conflict over how their children will spend the holidays. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the chances of conflict and ensure that the time is filled with positive experiences with both sides of their family.

The holidays, especially for children, are often marked by traditions that were established long before their parents chose to divorce. Keeping in mind that the focus of the holidays is often on creating happy memories can go a long way toward helping parents come up with a plan that is in the children’s best interests. Often, communication and a commitment to co-parenting can help achieve this.

To do so, parents will likely need to discuss what aspects of the holidays their children enjoy most. Including children in this conversation can be beneficial. Following such discussions, a plan tailored to include these elements will likely go far to ensure the children’s needs are met. Ensuring that each parent — and the extended family — has equal time with the children can help prevent children from feeling as if they must choose between their parents. Additionally, spending time together as a family can support the idea that the children still have one family — rather than two divided ones — despite the changes that have occurred in their lives.

There is no doubt that divorce is difficult. Even though parents in Missouri have concerns about the impact their decision to end their marriage will have on children, it is often in the best interests of children to have two parents living happily apart rather than miserably together. Even those committed to co-parenting and compromised often find themselves wondering about their legal options, prompting them to seek guidance from an experienced professional.

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