Giuliani, now ex-wife agree on divorce settlement

Most people in Missouri would agree that the end of a marriage is a difficult time. This is likely especially so for couples who are relatively well-known and for whom the details of their disagreement are reported in the media. Fortunately, settling a divorce out-of-court can help keep many of the details of a split private.

Such appears to be the case for Rudy Giulani and his now ex-wife. The couple have reportedly been battling in court for years following the end of the 15-year-marriage, the third for Giuliani. Details regarding their lifestyle were revealed during the court battle that followed.

Reports indicate that the couple supported six homes and multiple country club memberships on a monthly budget of $230,000. Despite the lengthy battle, reports now indicate that the former couple have reached a settlement. The details of that settlement will remain confidential.

The nature of a divorce — whether it is contentious or amicable — varies from couple to couple. However, even those who are committed to a peaceful transition often encounter issues that require guidance from an experienced professional. Most people in Missouri have found that having an experienced family law attorney on their side better prepares them to seek a fair settlement, whether it can be reached outside of the courtroom or requires litigation. Despite the complexity that is often associated with the process, most people who have made the choice to end their marriage would admit that doing so was in their best interests as well as the best interest of other parties, often including children who are sometimes forced to witness their parents cope with an unhappy marriage.

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