Child custody: Navigating the holidays after a divorce

When thinking about the holidays, the first thing that many people in Missouri consider is the food and fun memories that are often associated with them. However, many aspects of the holidays are inherently stressful, especially for children who have divorced parents. Parents can work together to help create a child custody plan that will help children during the holiday season.

One of the most common arrangements involves children alternating the holidays they spend with their parents. For example, one year they may spend Thanksgiving with their mother and Christmas with their father, but the Thanksgiving with their father the next year. Some parents may choose to split an individual holiday. For example, they might spend Christmas Eve with their father but Christmas morning with their mother.

While it may seem a little unorthodox, some parents choose to spend their holidays together even after a divorce. This reduces the amount of transitions for the children and allows them to spend their holiday without moving from house to house. However, this requires the parents to put some of their differences behind them as they interact with their children.

Regardless of the type of child custody plan parents in Missouri agree upon for the holidays, creating the plan well in advance can be beneficial. In addition to reducing the stress experienced by the parents, children can also be prepared in advance for how they will be spending their holidays. Additionally, remembering that things can change quickly and alternative arrangements need to be made can help prevent disagreements.

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