Billionaire couple must sell art during divorce proceedings

Many couples in Missouri who spend years together acquire a variety of different assets. While some people may automatically think of retirement funds and real estate, assets can also include valuable collectibles, such as an art collection. In fact, such a collection is a point of contention for one couple in another state who is going through a divorce.

The couple was married for approximately 60 years when they decided to divorce. Proceedings have, unfortunately, proved to be contentious and include disagreements over how real estate, yachts and a multi-million dollar art collection should be divided. Since the couple could not come to an agreement regarding the division of their art, a judge has ruled that the art must be sold.

Reports indicate that the judge in the case ruled that both sides agree on a “receiver” who will handle the sale of the art. The collection is said to contain art by Andy Warhol, Picasso and Jackson Pollock. The collection is set to go to auction, reportedly next year.

While some couples in Missouri and across the country are able to come to a divorce agreement relatively amicably, there are others who are unable to agree on any of the aspects surrounding the end of the marriage. Regardless of the level of contention surrounding such proceedings, most people feel more prepared to make the necessary decisions — including those involving asset division — with the help of an experienced professional. With such a person on their side, people in Missouri often have more at ease during what is a difficult process knowing that there is someone dedicated to looking after their interests.

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