What does an uncontested divorce look like in Missouri?

Many people in Missouri operate under the belief that the end of a marriage is also filled with contention and anger. Because of this, they often assume that the divorce process is always a bitter battle. While the time surrounding the end of a romantic relationship is a big transition, many couples are able to work together to make the change more peaceful.

One option for couples who are committed to saving money on legal fees, eliminating stress and accelerating the process is an uncontested divorce. This option is often best for couples who do not have minor children and who each can support him- or herself. However, an uncontested divorce can still be successful for those with complex assets and small children.

Even individuals who are committed to this path can benefit from the guidance of the attorneys at Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC. Our attorneys can help draft the necessary and proper legal documents while also looking after the best interests of our clients. Under Missouri law, an attorney can only represent one party, making it necessary for the other to seek his or her own counsel.

For most people in Missouri, the end of a marriage is a major event that can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life. While there can be a significant amount of negative emotions associated with the process, an uncontested divorce is one option that works for a variety of different people. Often, an initial consultation with our experienced attorneys is the first step to a happier life.

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