The old saying “what goes around comes around” can easily apply to the information you share on social media. If you are going through a divorce, you do not want to air details that could come back to bite you. sm_adobestock_28256776-300x239 - Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC

Here are four tips for avoiding divorce-chatting and photo-sharing mistakes on social media sites.

1. Forget the scoop

Do not try to beat your soon-to-be-ex to the punch in telling your social media network about your divorce. The two of you should decide on a strategy to avoid legal repercussions and spare hurt feelings. You may agree to post a short joint announcement, for example. However you approach posting the news, do it respectfully; stick to the facts, and make it brief.

2. Resist bashing

Many of the people in your network are probably friends who have known you for quite a while. Do not make them take sides in your divorce by bashing your spouse. If you have children, remember that even though your marriage is ending, you will be parents forever. Maintain civility in making comments about the other parent online: Your children may read those comments one day.

3. Be discreet

Do not overshare when discussing your divorce, what led to it and how you feel about your ex. You may have an amicable divorce, but it may also be contentious. Keep the drama out of your online comments. Sharing divorce details with a close friend over lunch is one thing. Baring your soul online is not acceptable adult behavior.

4. Do not incriminate yourself

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about posting online information related to your divorce is that it can be used against you. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 81% of attorneys surveyed say they have noticed an increase in the use of social media evidence in divorce cases.

Seeking support

Divorce is a very personal event, one that is stressful and often quite painful. Support from friends and family helps a great deal, as does the support that legal guidance provides. Resist the urge to crow, sulk or bash online. You do not want what goes around to come back around and cause you additional distress at this difficult time in your life.