Nonbiological father faces child support payments

Many people in Missouri spend a large part of their life dreaming about when they will become a parent. In fact, one man in another state claims that he was thrilled to learn that his girlfriend was expecting. Because she claimed he was the father, he signed the birth certificate. Unfortunately, now he has found himself facing child support payments for a child that he has since learned is not biologically his.

The man claims that he was happy when the child was born and had blue eyes. Even after his romantic relationship with his girlfriend fizzled out, he claims he remained committed to the child’s well-being. However, he says he was surprised to learn two years after their breakup that the child was not biologically his.

A DNA test reportedly confirmed this claim. Despite this, the state filed papers to force him to pay child support because he was listed on the child’s birth certificate. While he claims he still wants to help out the child, he has concerns about mandatory payments that could ultimately have serious consequences if he fails to pay. Though he can go to court to get a judge to rule that he is not the child’s legal father, the process can be complicated.

Because most people in Missouri and across the county have little experience with family law, many feel overwhelmed at the prospect of taking legal action. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help. With such a professional on their side, those facing similar issues feel confident as they seek a reasonable resolution to their issue.

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