Jeremey Renner in midst of contentious child custody battle

Many parents in Missouri who remain in a committed relationship struggle to agree on what is in their children’s best interest. With that being said, it can be especially difficult for parents who are no longer romantically linked to come to an agreement. Unfortunately, this could lead to a child custody dispute. For famous parents, these disputes often become public fights.

In fact, reports indicate that Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, are currently embroiled in a contentious disagreement over custody of their 6-year-old daughter. Reports indicate that the couple married in 2014, but Pacheco filed for divorce months later. Though contentious from the beginning, the parents ultimately agreed that they would share custody of their daughter and Renner would pay $13,000 each month in support.

The couple reached a new agreement afterward when Renner’s earnings required him to pay an extra $292,000 in support. The new agreement stipulated that Renner would put any child support owed over the amount of $200,000 into an account for their daughter’s education. However, in Sept. 2019, Pacheco requested full custody with supervised visitation for Renner; she claims that Renner threatened to kill her and left illegal drugs within their daughter’s reach. Soon after, he issued a statement, labeling Pacheco’s claims as “one-sided” and stating that his primary concern is his daughter’s well-being.

It is not unusual for parents to disagree on child custody and other issues relating to their children. While many in Missouri and across the country are able to work out their differences and come to an agreement without court intervention, it is often necessary for a judge to make a decision. Regardless of the disagreement, it is often beneficial to have an experienced attorney providing advice and guidance.

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