How to cope with a gray divorce

Regardless of when a Missouri couple chooses to end their marriage, there are a variety of different decisions that must be made, typically while also dealing with the emotional ramifications of such a major life event. This can be especially true for those who are going through a gray divorce — that is, the end of a marriage that occurs later in life — because of the potential implications on retirement. Despite this, many people who choose to end their marriage later in life are able to focus on how the choice will improve their future happiness.

As time passes and children grow up and move out, many couples discover that they have drifted apart and are no longer compatible. One of the most important questions that couples whose children are adults have is how they will divide their assets. This includes the family home and retirement accounts, among other assets.

For example, when there are children involved the custodial parent often stays in the home. However, many couples who are older may decide that the upkeep of the home is too expensive for one person. As such, they may choose to sell the family home and purchase to smaller homes. The family home often has a great deal of memories attached to it; however, the expense of a large home may be more than can be managed.

Couples in Missouri going through a divorce later in life likely also have questions about how their retirement funds will be divided. Because it can be a complicated process — and one that most people want to complete with as few tax implications as possible — there are experienced professionals who can help. Often, have a neutral third party providing impartial advice can help make the difficult decisions based on necessity and thought rather than through what can sometimes be negative emotions.

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