Family law professionals report August divorce increase

There are a variety of different reasons why unhappy couples in Missouri and other areas of the country may choose to stay in a marriage that is no longer working. For some, the day-to-day routine of their lives may mask the problems that their relationship is facing. However, some family law professionals reports seeing an uptick in the number of people seeking a divorce in August.

Professionals speculate that there may be a variety of different reasons for this increase. In some cases, the person seeking divorce may have inquired about doing so earlier in the year but ultimately waited until the end of summer to do so. One possible reason is that many people see summer as a chance to take a break from the problems they experienced throughout the year. However, when summer comes to a close and the same problems still exist — and perhaps have even intensified — many people are motivated to take action.

Typically, families plan to spend time together in the summer, perhaps impacting the decision to delay. For example, some may want to give their families one last chance to make memories during a family vacation. Others may have invested a great deal in family travel and have plans to visit families. Additionally, filing for divorce at the end of summer gives many children the opportunity to adjust before the holidays.

Regardless of the reason, families often decide that their current situation is no longer in the best interests of those involved, prompting them to seek action. Often, this includes filing for a divorce. While the process can be emotionally difficult, many in Missouri have found that have an experienced family law attorney on their side has provided them with the information they need to start the next stage of their lives.

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