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Family law: Why some couples choose a postnuptial agreement

When a couple marries, it may be difficult to fully predict in what direction life will take them. In fact, their financial circumstances can quickly change -- either positively or negatively. As such, couples in Missouri who determined that a prenuptial agreement was not necessary prior to their marriage may ultimately decide that some sort of written agreement is necessary afterward. Fortunately, an attorney with experience with family law can help them understand the options available to them.

Working through the divorce process in Missouri

When people in Missouri choose to marry, they do so with the intention that they will spend the rest of their lives with the person with whom they are exchanging vows. As such, they often spend a great deal of time planning the rest of their lives with that person. Changes in those plans, among the other emotional and financial aspects, often make the divorce process a difficult one for a variety of different people.

Executing a postnuptial agreement instead of a legal separation

Choosing to marry your spouse may have been one of the easiest decisions you have ever made. Opting to end your marriage, though, may be much more difficult. If you are not ready to file for divorce, you may be considering a legal separation. A postnuptial agreement may be a better option. 

Overcoming divorce misconceptions to seek a happier life

Many people in Missouri say their wedding vows with the full intention of spending the rest of their lives together. In that moment, they are likely full of love, happiness and hope for the future. Unfortunately, life -- including job pressures, health issues and the impact of raising children -- can often change people in ways such that they are no longer the same person who walked down the aisle years earlier. Despite being in a marriage that is no longer compatible, some people may choose to stay in an unhappy relationship because of certain misconceptions associated with the divorce process.

Family law professionals report August divorce increase

There are a variety of different reasons why unhappy couples in Missouri and other areas of the country may choose to stay in a marriage that is no longer working. For some, the day-to-day routine of their lives may mask the problems that their relationship is facing. However, some family law professionals reports seeing an uptick in the number of people seeking a divorce in August.

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