Seeking a child support or custody modification in Missouri

There are a variety of different reasons why a couple in Missouri might decide that it is in the best interests of their families to seek a divorce. Regardless of the specific reasoning, once that decision has been made, there are multiple others that must follow, including those involving child support or custody. However, as people’s circumstances change, these agreements might also need modification.

When a couple chooses to split and there are children involved, decisions regarding the best interest of the children — specifically their living arrangements and how they will be supported — must be made. Some couples may be able to come to an agreement regarding these issues. However, others ultimately ask a judge to step in and make a decision.

However, children’s best interests do not remain static. As they grow or as a parent’s situation changes, modifications to an existing agreement may become necessary. Additionally, as child support is based upon the parents’ financial situation, a request for modification may also be made, though a strict legal standard must be satisfied for a request to be successful.

Often, those requesting a child support or custody modification and those who are subject to one feel unprepared to successfully argue their side. Fortunately for people in Missouri, there are experienced professionals who can help them. Many people turn to the law firm of Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC for assistance with such cases. With over combined 60 years of experience, they are dedicated to responding to these issues and achieving results.

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