Family pictures, spousal support at issue in divorce fight

When couples in Missouri decide to marry, their intention at the time is likely that they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, as they face life struggles, many couples determine that they are no longer compatible, making it necessary to seek a divorce. In fact, a couple in another state, who were open with the struggles to conceive followed by the birth of triplets, decided that their marriage is broken beyond repair.

The couple married in May 2009 and have 6-year-old triplets. Unfortunately, their split appears to be contentious. In court filings, the husband requested spousal support. He argues that he makes approximately $96,000 a year and estimates that his estranged wife likely makes five times that amount. He claims that she refuses to provide financial assistance for the family home, valued at $1.5 million.

The woman claims that her estranged husband forged her signature, allowing him get rid of assets she had saved for retirement. She further states that he attempted to take out a loan in her name but failed. The husband says that she has removed a majority of the pictures of the home in which he is included and failed to disclose the location of the pictures. He is asking that they be returned, arguing that her actions creates undue stress for the family.

The wife has asked a judge to determine how their assets should be divided and argued that her husband’s debts — including those to the IRS — should be considered his alone. While not all divorces in Missouri are contentious, there are many couples who face similar arguments as this one. Regardless of whether the divorce is amicable or fractious, those going through the process often want an attorney on their side who can ensure that their interests are represented.

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