Family law issues: The role of a prenuptial agreement

The decision to marry is an important one. While most people in Missouri only think of the emotional implications of choosing to legally bind their lives with someone else, there are also financial concerns to consider as well. To help manage these concerns, some people seek guidance regarding a prenuptial agreement from an experienced family law attorney.

According to reports, many people are waiting until later in life to get married. As such, a person walking into a marriage may have more assets than those who marry at an earlier age. On the other hand, some also have more debt.

While it may not seem like a romantic conversation to have as couples are building their invitation lists and looking for a venue, discussing assets, debts and the possibility of a prenuptial agreement can help couples as they merge their financial lives. The creation of a prenup allows both people to be upfront and honest about their financial situation and expectations should the marriage end in divorce. By doing so, the couple can help smooth the divorce process, should that be the outcome, and ensure that they alone are the ones making such determinations.

There are many factors that must be considered to help protect a prenuptial agreement from a successful challenge. Unfortunately, people without experience with family law in Missouri may not be fully aware of the potential implications of certain concessions or how certain aspects of the process — such as how long the document was created and signed before the wedding — can impact enforceability. However, an experienced attorney can both help ensure those considering marriage protect themselves and create a strong legal document.

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