Divorce case: Kevin Garnett ordered to pay $100,000 in support

When a couple chooses to end their marriage in Missouri and other areas of the country, there are multiple decisions that must be made. When one member of the couple was a high-profile professional basketball player, the case — including the rulings that a court may make — could garner a significant amount of media attention. Additionally, when there are more assets involved, the process of creating a divorce agreement can be even more complicated.

In fact, a recent ruling in one former NBA player’s divorce case has recently received media attention. Kevin Garnett’s now estranged wife reportedly filed for divorce at the beginning of the year. In her filing, she asked for physical custody of their two children; his response requested joint physical and legal custody.

She additionally asked for $46,000 a month in child support, $146,000 in spousal support and $300,000 in legal fees; she was awarded the legal fees and $100,000 in combined support in a ruling that will remain in effect until there is a permanent agreement in place. Garnett argued that, under the terms of the prenuptial agreement they signed a month before the wedding, his estranged wife should not receive spousal support. However, she argues that the terms of the agreements are unconscionable and that his failure to properly fund a joint account as required in the prenup means that the terms of the agreement were breached.

In some cases, couples can settle the issues related to their divorce without involving a judge. But when there are questions regarding the validity of a prenuptial agreement, for example, the cases can be trickier. Fortunately, for people in Missouri seeking a divorce, there are experienced professionals who can help them with all of their family law issues, including determining and advocating for child and spousal support.

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