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July 2019 Archives

What matters can you address in a parenting plan?

Chances are, partnering with your ex on just about anything can put a sour taste in your mouth. If the two of you share children you plan to co-parent, you will need to figure out how you can work together. The co-parenting relationship can be a tough one to develop and establish, but once you have some ground rules in place, it can do wonders for the two of you working together without incident.

Social Security benefits after divorce

For many people in Missouri, questions regarding how they will support themselves in their retirement is something that keeps them up at night. This is likely especially true for those who have recently gone through or are contemplating a divorce. However, even if the marriage is legally over, a spouse may still be entitled to a larger amount of Social Security benefits based on the former spouse's work history.

Joint credit card debt and divorce

Getting a divorce requires you and your spouse to figure out a variety of complex issues. One complication that can haunt you even long after your divorce decree is joint credit card debt. Breaking up with your spouse is difficult, but it may be even harder to break ties with your creditors. 

Divorce: Belief that separate accounts protect assets is myth

Even though people who are opting to marry have the expectation of living happily ever after, many still have a realistic view on the potential outcomes. That is, many people getting married are aware that as life events occur and changes them, they may no longer be as compatible as they once were. As such, some in Missouri will take precautions before they say their vows to protect their assets in the event their marriage should end in divorce.

More couples choose to seek a prenuptial agreement

When people are contemplating spending the rest of their lives together, they often have several important decisions to make. For many in Missouri, this includes considering whether a prenuptial agreement is necessary. While in the past, prenups have been primarily used by older couples who are entering a subsequent marriage, some family law professionals claim that younger people and those marrying for the first time are now utilizing this option. In fact, one attorney claims to have experienced a "tremendous upswing" of couples seeking a prenup over the last two decades.

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